Today’s Twitter Fight: Jamie Kennedy Vs. Gamers

Here’s how obscure Kennedy’s disastrous turn as an emcee at a press conference for Activision five years ago actually was: this was literally the first I’ve heard of it. Which is too bad, because, having seen the video, it’s actually pretty entertaining for all the wrong reasons.

Anyway, Gary Whitta, a screenwriter, and Michael Pachter, a respected Wedbush Securities analyst, got into a Twitter argument over who was the worst E3 presenter, and then Kennedy weighed in, calling them both “spectators” because they’re not big stars like Jamie Kennedy.

Kennedy, who we feel compelled to remind you derailed an entire documentary over how critics were wrong to hate “Malibu’s Most Wanted”, then proceeded to insist a woman without a picture must be a fat chick, called Kotaku “a teeny blog”, gloated about being second banana on a WWE produced movie starring Jennifer Esposito and the mom from “Arrested Development”, and followed THAT with a straight-up death threat.

He capped it all off by saying his bad spelling was because he never graduated high school because he was too busy being an important actor and asking who won, him or the dorks.

We’ll leave that decision to you, the reader.