‘Todd’ The Awkward Celebrity Photo Guy Is Just F-ing With Us Now

Yesterday we introduced you to “Todd,” a Tucker Max lookalike who has an amazing tendency to wind up in the same places as the biggest celebrities in the world, seemingly just to take awkward pictures with them. While some people were quick to call Photoshop on Todd, I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, as he seemed to either be in the hospitality industry or just a dude who doesn’t mind hanging out at airports to get a quick picture with a celeb.

And that’s exactly how the original Redditor, “gwniii,” who originally posted this amazing collection of photos, described it to us in an email:

On the night of the Globes, he was dancing near Sofia Vergara. As for pics, Viggo Mortenson, Sarah Michelle Geller, Miranda Kerr, Bryan Cranston, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Zooey, Matt LeBlanc, Jack McBrayer, David Spade, Kathy Griffin, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and others came in just last night.

That’s right, Todd went to the Golden Globes ceremony and got himself a bunch of new pictures. However, those names mean nothing to me in comparison with celebrity photo coup embedded at the top of this post.

Some background: Yesterday, in the post introducing the world to “Todd,” I wrote:

…if I find out he has a picture with Kate Upton I might just be willing to bow down to him as my new overlord.

Fast forward to this afternoon and boom — we magically received an email on the UPROXX tips line from Todd with the above image attached. The email divulged no other details. The subject line read: “ATTN: Burnsy”

Now, here’s the really crazy part… In the picture with my beloved Kate Upton above, whom I write about to a ridiculous degree, he’s wearing the t-shirt that Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler created and sells for his personal charity. What’s the big deal, you ask? Well, the slogan on that shirt – #cuttydoesit – is taken from the NotJayCutler Twitter account THAT I RUN! Cutler asked me personally if he could use it. So either this guy, Todd from the internet, is just trolling me now, or I have fallen into a wormhole of the most amazing coincidences.

So here’s what we know about him so far: He’s a Vanderbilt fan, which would explain why he’s a Cutler fan, and he enjoys taking pictures with celebrities. And that’s about it. However, I will not rest until Todd grants me an interview so we can delve deeper into all of this. THE INTERNET DEMANDS ANSWERS! You know how to reach me, Todd!

IMPORTANT PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF UPDATE: Photoshopped? I think not. Check out the background of this pic.

(Photo source, and thanks to my With Leather cohort Brandon for tracking it down.)