Meet The Kid Who Was Surprised With A Personal Injury Lawyer-Themed Birthday Party

Some kids are always thinking about the future. Take a second to look at the ad above. It’s the standard fare you see during all your morning talk shows (well, that and commercials urging you to go back to school if suing everyone doesn’t work) but for one very small and very determined child it was something much much more. Grayson Dobra is a toddler that’s either gunning for a career in TV-advertised lawyering or just into the bright lights and the honest faces of Morris Bart’s commercials.

Bart, The Wall Street Journal reports, is a popular lawyer in Louisiana (where Grayson lives) and his commercials are on all the time. Grayson’s mom says that he’s obsessed with them.

“He’s always been very drawn to Morris Bart commercials,” she told Law Blog. “He used to watch ABC and color videos, and he used to love those. But now he wants to watch Morris Bart commercials.” When they’re not on TV, he watches them on YouTube.

And the party sounds like it was awesome:

For his party in January, which was reported by the Advocate legal newspaper, she bought a cake with edible photo frosting displaying Mr. Bart in a suit. The kid’s grandmother came through with a toddler-size Morris Bart t-shirt. Grayson unwrapped another gift to reveal a cardboard cutout of the lawyer.

According to his mom, Grayson was “shocked.” It might be because he’s only one, but I’d also probably be shocked to be greeted by a giant cut-out of my favorite personal injury lawyer from the TV before cutting into a delicious likeness of his face.

Bart wasn’t present for the festivities but he sent an autographed photo (he says he’s used to that) and an extra large T-shirt to add to the festivities. But he’s also being very careful because he’s admitted that Grayson might be competition in the future. It’s like two superheroes fighting each other!

According to Grayson’s mom, he is still very into Bart, even though he’s familiar with Mickey Mouse.

“He still likes Mickey; given a choice between the two, Morris Bart will always win,” Ms. Dobra said.

(Via Wall Street Journal)