A North Carolina Texas Roadhouse Served A Toddler Sangria Instead Of Cranberry Juice

An Asheville, N.C. Texas Roadhouse has publicly apologized after a mix-up that accidentally got a 2-year-old girl drunk when a waitress mistakenly served her sangria instead of cranberry juice.

Tiffany and Derek Gilliam had gone to the Texas Roadhouse with their daughter Gabriela to celebrate her father’s 25th birthday when the incident occurred, the New York Daily News reports:

The 2-year-old took a large swig and immediately said that it tasted funny. Her mom Tiffany Gilliam tried the beverage and was stunned to discover it was laced with booze.

“She was staggering and she was kissing everything,” Gilliam told ABC.

The tot was rushed to hospital, where doctors diagnosed her with accidental alcohol ingestion. Little Gabriela returned home, where she had to be monitored for several nights as she slept.

Gabriela is doing just fine now, but her mother says she doesn’t want to see that happen to anyone else’s child. I would have to hope that this was an isolated incident, but part of me is also amazed that chain restaurant sangria has enough booze in it to get a toddler drunk. Those things taste like cough syrup mixed with fruit punch.

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