The Internet Is Very Confused Over Whether This Photo Is Of Tom Hanks Or Bill Murray

Senior Pop Culture Editor
10.26.16 3 Comments

Tom Hanks and Bill Murray are two of America’s greatest treasures. The actors, who were born six years apart, have a lot in common: they’re both SNL legends, for Nick the Lounge Singer and David S. Pumpkins alone; they’ve both been nominated for at least one Academy Award; and they’ve both contributed so much to internet culture. Murray is a walking meme, and Hanks is showing up at weddings and in Carly Rae Jepsen music videos.

Plus, when they’re crying, no one can apparently tell them apart.

Reasons My Son Is Crying is a website-turned-book that compiles “all the many many completely logical reasons that children cry.” Sometimes it’s because the kid didn’t get the food they wanted; other times, it’s because they’re being held by Bill Murray… or is that Tom Hanks? The photo above, which was uploaded in 2013 but only going viral now, is obviously of Murray impersonating a sobbing baby. But some people — probably the same numbskulls who have the wrong opinion about The Dress — think it’s Hanks.

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