A California High School Desperately Wants Tom Hanks At Their Homecoming Dance

08.31.15 3 years ago


A high school in a small town in California is hell-bent on getting some props from movie star and all-around awesome guy Tom Hanks. Specifically, the students and faculty of Kerman High School in Kerman want Hanks to attend their homecoming dance on October 9. How do they plan on making this happen? By going viral.

Indeed, Kerman High School is depending on a viral social media campaign — in other words, engaging in a series of digital screams and yells — until either Tom Hanks himself responds to them or someone with the means of getting Hanks to respond to them responds to them.

“Our pie in the sky dream would be for him to come be our Grand Marshal, but even a personal shout out on social media or a 15-second video would be great,” said [assistant principal Margaret Nichols]. “Just for him to acknowledge us, the kids would be so excited.”

Hanks’ movies were chosen as the dance’s theme, so basically he has to do something, right? The campaign has included a series of hashtags and banners being beamed out through the campaign’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, all making mention of Hanks and asking everyone to keep their campaign circulating throughout the internet.

Should Hanks really have to do this, just because it’s on the internet? He’s a super nice guy, as we all know, but does Kerman High School have the same pull as Carly Rae Jepsen? Only time will tell.

(Source: E! News)

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