Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Treated Strangers To In-N-Out And Selfies

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Celebrities: They’re just like us! But with considerably more money! It turns out Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, one of Hollywood’s kinder and longest-lasting power couples, are, like any self-respecting carnivore, huge fans of In-N-Out, the unfailingly delicious burger chain that has intentionally never expanded past the West Coast and even pays their employees well. What’s more, the pair decided to ring in the holidays by swinging by one of their outposts, posing for selfies, and even buying some strangers’ food.

It all went down Saturday, three days before Christmas. Customers at an In-N-Out in Fontana, California were surprised to see the multi-Oscar-winner and his actress/producer wife — who starred together in 1986’s Volunteers two years before they married — chowing down amongst the plebeians.

Hanks and Wilson didn’t try to blend in. They went all out, even covering the price of some people’s food. (Let’s hope they let them spring for “animal style.”) They also posed for photos that quickly flew to Instagram and Twitter.

Or they let people take pictures of him taking selfies.

Some, presumably afraid to go up to two of the producers of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, merely snapped pics of them eating.

Others surreptitiously took video of the actor who’s soon to be seen playing Mr. Rogers.

Hanks and Wilson are no strangers to unexpectedly swinging by eateries and hob-nobbing with the locals; in 2016 they did just that at Pier 6 in Boston. They’re also In-N-Out stans, having gorged on burgers and fries post-Golden Globes in 2010. Also, Hanks and Wilson’s first date included going to see the Talking Heads concert film classic Stop Making Sense. Does Tinseltown have a cooler couple?

(Via EW)

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