‘Tom Selleck’s Mustache’ Is The Supercut To End All Supercuts

Every time I watch a new viral film or television supercut I find myself wondering when the supercut idea well will start drying up. I mean, I enjoy 90% of them as much as the next guy, but at the clip these things are hitting the web how many angles are going to be left to take a year from now?

But now that I have experienced “Tom Selleck’s Moustache” by UK video editor Buchan39 I’m convinced of three things: 1) The Brits love excessive vowels, 2) Adding Tom Selleck’s mustache and Magnum P.I. theme music to anything improves it, even the most famous of movie scenes, and 3) The Internet will never run out of supercut ideas, even though they may never top this concept.

Sit back and prepare to have your Monday improved exponentially. I want to watch the Tom Selleck’s mustache re-cut of The Matrix like yesterday.

Bachan39 via The Daily What