George Costanza Weighs In On The ‘Seinfeld’ Tweet That Has Tomi Lahren All Riled Up

It was a Festivus miracle.

Our dear friend Tomi Lahren, last heard from criticizing Beyoncé and Colin Kaepernick and declaring that it’s “snowflake melting season,” got all riled up after a Photoshopped image of her went viral. The fake Fox news screenshot shows the former Blaze host claiming Barack Obama created Festivus, a fictional holiday from Seinfeld, to destroy Christmas. It was an obvious parody — Seinfeld Current Day took the credit — but Lahren went all #FakeNews on Twitter.

“You idiots think this is real? Have you nothing better to do than photoshop fake news? Get a hobby. Go for a walk. Do something. Good Lord,” she tweeted, later adding, “Does it not bother you to circulate a photoshopped piece of FAKE NEWS? Classy,” and “Do you realize you are circulating fake news? Not very professional [but] by all means please tell me how stupid you think I am.”

Sure, replied George Costanza.

“Ok, so can we now all agree that this woman is either batshit crazy or that she will say anything for money?” tweeted Jason Alexander, the Emmy-winning actor who played George Costanza on Seinfeld. If anyone deserves to be heard from in this, uh, debate, it’s him, considering his on-screen father, Frank (played by Jerry Stiller), created the holiday. You might even say he Can’t-Stand-Ya, Tomi.

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(Via Twitter)