‘Keith, You Drunk?’: The Tomi Lahren Vs. Keith Olbermann Beef We’ve All Been Waiting For Might Finally Be Upon Us

Tomi Lahren took a break from tweeting about the Muppets getting canceled, or whatever, to do what she does best: try (and fail) to own the libs.

“These Libs so outraged over what happened on Jan 6th, wait till they hear what and who is coming across our border and the sanctuary cities that protect them,” she wrote on Tuesday, referring to the day a MAGA mob stormed the Capitol building in a violent coup attempt, leaving five people dead. I’m not sure how the Democrats will ever recover from that burn.

Anyway, the tweet caught the attention of former-MSNBC commenter (and BoJack Horseman guest voice all-star) Keith Olbermann, who wrote back, “Oooh! Miss Toni! Oooh! I know, Miss Timmy! Call on me @tomolahren! It’s TED CRUZ, right?”

Despite the misspelled handle, Tomo, I mean, Tomi Lahren was made aware of Olbermann’s response. “Keith, you drunk?” she asked. The Fox Nation host ignored Olbermann bringing up Cruz, who fled Texas for sunny Cancun during a historically miserable winter storm, but she came to the senator’s defense on her Fox Nation show.

“The Left and the Leftist media are more concerned and fixated on a Texas senator taking a vacation than they are with a New York governor killing elderly people. Sounds about right,” she said, adding, “Heck, there was even an SNL skit dedicated to it … and perhaps I could even laugh along with you at Ted Cruz’s expense. Maybe, perhaps, if you cared to call out the several Democrats who have done similar, if not worse, if not deadly things.” How long before Lahren and Cruz appear on the same podcast? Tomorrow?