Clips From Tomi Lahren’s College Show Prove She Wasn’t Always Your ‘Worst Nightmare’

Every liberal’s “worst nightmare” Tomi Lahren has exploded in popularity, or at least exposure, since her appearance on The Daily Show. But that extra fame has resulted in people digging into her social media past. Lahren has been deleting old tweets from when she was in college — including charming classics like, “Bad news: had to get a job. Good news: it’s at my mom’s store and chill as F” and “Does anybody at this school speak English?” — after they went viral. But The Blaze personality isn’t ashamed at what she wrote or why anyone is surprised. “I don’t know why y’all are thinking this is so scandalous,” she explained, “I say this pretty much on a weekly basis.”

“Tammy” wasn’t always as, um, outspoken as she is now, though.

Syracuse University student Matt Gehring uncovered footage from 2014, when Lahren hosted and was a panelist on The Scramble, a political roundtable show on the University of Nevada-Las Vegas’ TV station, “before she squawked for a living,” he tweeted. “Thought you saw everything there was online about [Lahren] and her pandering to an audience? Think again…”

Here she is leading a discussion about “slurs and their place in society,” when in 2017, Lahren “calls everyone snowflakes and fragile.”

And two more clips, about calling climate change “an agreed-upon scientific consensus” (as opposed to “bad weather”) and gun control being a “multi-dimensional issue.” Lahren continued, “So anytime you have a rampage or school shooting, it’s not caused by one thing. It’s not caused by the gun, it’s not caused by the violent media or video games, it’s not caused by mental health— anything entirely. It’s a multi-dimensional issue so it needs to be addressed from all angles.” Meanwhile, in 2016, she tweeted, “Gun control is gonna stop radical Muslims? Ok we’re gonna need some bomb control, some suicide bomber control, Quran control…etc.”

Gehring uploaded the segments to Twitter to prove “this isn’t just growing up & changing her opinions. It’s called getting hired to a propaganda machine, selling out and lying.” Lahren has yet to directly respond. She’s been too busy addressing “this golden shower BS fake news.”

(Via Twitter)

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