Tommy Chong Reveals How Much He Spends On Weed And It’s Not At All What You’d Expect

Tommy Chong, the world’s foremost marijuana enthusiast, participated in a Reddit AMA this week where he answered various questions about — you guessed it — weed. Some of the revelations included that yes, sex is that much better when you’re high, his most memorable smoking sessions were with William Burroughs and Timothy Leary, Paul McCartney is the only one of The Beatles he hasn’t smoked pot with or around, and that Snoop is a dang joint-hog (not terribly surprising).

But probably the most surprising thing we learned from Tommy Chong’s AMA is how much he spends on weed. One Redditor asked the question, “How much do you estimate you have spent on weed throughout your entire life?”

Here is his short response:

I stopped having to buy pot a long time ago. It helped.

Okay, number one, that doesn’t answer the question. Then again, I wouldn’t expect Tommy Chong of all people to be diligent about tracking his the “recreation” pie chart slice in his financial budget over the years.

But what does that mean, that he stopped having to buy pot? Are random people on the street just constantly offering Tommy Chong marijuana? Or do legal marijuana producers send him swag left and right like he’s the belle of the freaking ball? Probably a solid “yes” to both of those questions. It must be good to be Tommy Chong.

(Reddit via BroBible)

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