Tomorrow Is Free Comic Book Day: Here’s What You Need To Know

Tomorrow is actually an intersection of three massive points of nerddom: Iron Man 3 will be continuing its march to weekend dominance; it’s May the Fourth, and it’s also Free Comic Book Day.

Which is exactly what it sounds like: Go to a comic book shop, get free comics. Here’s what you need to know.

First, find a comic book shop; easily done with this handy locator.

Secondly, get there reasonably early: While the comics are free, that doesn’t mean quantities are unlimited, and the smaller press stuff tends to run out fast. Expect the FLCS to be crowded, even fairly early in the day; the word “free” tends to galvanize people. This is especially true if there’s a creator signing near you, and there probably is.

Next, take a look at what comics are out there: Publishers ranging from the big guns to the smallest companies participate. Here’s the most complete list of comics we’ve found; there’s everything from superheroes to science fiction to romance.

Thirdly, bring a little money: Image and Valiant have put out special editions of their newer books, where you can get the first issue for a buck, and among the “firsts” are titles like Morning Glories, Bedlam, Harbinger, Mind The Gap, Bloodshot and Great Pacific. It’s a great time to get into some comics, find some new books, or fall in love.

Finally: Have some fun. Talk to the guys behind the counter, and the people browsing. If you like a movie based on a comic, ask about the comic. Run some of your favorite shows by them and ask for a recommendation. It’s what they’re there for, and you’ll probably find something that you want to read. That’s what Free Comic Book Day is all about: Enjoying comics. See you there!