Tonight’s Episode Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Is The Most Must See Episode Of The Season

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03.16.14 50 Comments

Critics tend to get screeners for most episodes of TV shows before they air with a couple of caveats: We are rarely sent screeners for season finales, and sometimes we don’t get them for big episodes. Last year, for instance, when FX made screeners available for a certain Sons of Anarchy episode only a couple of hours before it aired, I knew we were in for a monumental episode (I could’ve never predicted how HUGE that episode would be, however).

Likewise, I received no screener for The Walking Dead this week, so I’m guessing that tonight’s episode is going to be a huge one. But don’t take my word for it. Robert Kirkman himself stated in an interview with EW that tonight’s episode is “definitely one that people are going to remember and it’s definitely one people are going to talk about. If there is one episode of The Walking Dead that you absolutely had to watch this season, it would be this one.”

I think it’s safe to assume that someone is going to die, and because we know from previews that it largely involves the Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, Mika, and Judith contingent, we can probably narrow it down to one of those characters. From what we already know about them, I think there’s a better than likely chance that either Lizzie kills someone, or Lizzie dies trying to kill someone (perhaps Judith, which was hinted at the last time we saw Lizzie, when she nearly suffocated Lil Ass Kicker). Either way, you know Lizzie is going to be the reason behind it.

Andrew Lincoln, before the mid-season premiere, also hinted at a very dark episode in this half of the season, and EW asked Kirkman if this was that episode.

EW: I remember chatting with Andrew Lincoln a few months back and him telling me there was one episode where he could not believe you guys were actually doing what you were doing. I’m starting to get the feeling he was talking about this next episode.

KIRKMAN: That would definitely be this episode.

In other words, don’t miss tonight’s episode, and if you’re late to it, it’s probably a good idea to stay off of Facebook and Twitter until you catch up.

Here’s a preview of “The Grove.” It doesn’t look good for Mika.

R.I.P. Somebody.

Source: EW

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