These People Took Their ‘Minions’ Devotion Too Far

You can’t stop the Minions. You can only hope to contain them (in a rocket ship and blast it straight into the sun). Those nightmare, nonsense-speaking bananas brought in $115 million domestic at the box office this weekend, good for the second-highest debut for an animated film ever. Minions may prove to be one of the rare spinoffs with more installments than the original series.

What I’m saying is, Minions IX: It Was All Yellow, coming November 2019.

Anyway, the Minions love isn’t just contained to macaroni and cheese boxes at Target. It’s EVERYWHERE on the Internet, in the form of memes, makeup tutorials, and *shudder* menstrual pads. Here are some people who took their obsession with Stuart, Kevin, and Bob WAY too far.

The scariest Halloween costume of all.

Minion menstrual pads. MINION MENSTURAL PADS.

The monster who made this.

Do not get a Minions tattoo.


Are there Minion-themed divorces?

McDonald’s, for introducing these.

This is just confusing.

Why yes, these are Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger Minions.


OK, one more Minion tattoo.

Guy Fieri is the Minions of people.

Can’t sleep, Minions will eat me.

Really makes you think.

In short, #BanAllMinions