This Week’s Top 25 Comics, For September 30

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09.30.15 8 Comments

It’s a quiet week in comics, so we just ranked every review copy we got. What made No. 1?

1) Archie #3

The miracle of this book is that Mark Waid and Fiona Staples keep everything that makes Archie the fodder of double digests in grocery racks across the country while simultaneously updating it and giving it a depth and style it needs. Staples shows a facility for physical comedy you wouldn’t expect from her previous work, and Waid does a great job of making Veronica sympathetic while also terrible. If you’re looking for a laugh, this is the book.

2) Colder: Toss The Bones #1

Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra are back with the third, and seemingly final, Colder miniseries. Essentially this first issue just reintroduces Nimble Jack, a man who farms, and eats, madness. It also reminds you that Juan Ferreyra is one of the best horror artists in the business, a master at getting in your head through your eyes and creeping you out, and that Tobin is perfect at writing creepy, surreal horror. An absolute treat of a book is back, and a must-read.

3) From Under Mountains #1

Marian Churchland, Claire Gibson, and Sloane Leong give a high fantasy story a few clever twists. Churchland’s art, all hard lines and cinema-minded panels, particularly helps set the tone, but it’s the characterization packed into the book that makes it stand out. A must-read.

4) Grayson Annual #2

Superman’s lost his secret identity and a fair chunk of his powers. Dick Grayson’s lost his identity, alienated his family, and is generally down on himself. And they’ve both lost somebody close to them: Bruce Wayne. So the time is good for some male bonding… oh, and assassin fights, in this surprisingly touching and thoughtful annual that’s worth picking up, even if you’re not following either series.

5) Stray Bullets: Sunshine And Roses #8

Betrayal is the worst feeling. We’ve all had that feeling. We all hate that feeling. David Lapham is particularly good at showing, both in his careful writing and detailed black-and-white artwork, what happens when you betray somebody close to you… especially if that somebody is, well, nuts. Highly recommended for noir fans.

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