Okay Then: Topher Grace Released A Trailer For His Edit Of The 'Star Wars' Prequels

Topher Grace is best known for That ’70s Show, an awful Spider-Man movie, and the most twee shortening of the name Christopher by any celebrity, but he’s been getting into editing recently. About this time two years ago, he held a private screening of an 85-minute movie called Star Wars: Episode III.5: The Editor Strikes Back.

The film was made from the three Star Wars prequels (including a deleted scene), a bit of the original trilogy, some dialogue from C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels’ audio book, and Clone Wars music. Best of all, Jar-Jar only had one line of expository dialogue to introduce Amidala, and Jake Lloyd (Anakin as a kid) wasn’t in the movie at all.

Back when we first reported on Topher Grace’s Star Wars edit, /film had seen the movie and described it for us.

With only 85 minutes of footage, Topher was able to completely tell the main narrative of Anakin Skywalker’s road from Jedi to the Sith. […] What’s better is that the character motivations are even more clear and identifiable, a real character arc not bogged down by podraces, galactic senates, Jar Jar Binks, politics or most of the needless parts of the Star Wars prequels. It not only clarifies the story, but makes the film a lot more action-packed.

For legal reasons, we probably won’t get to see the whole movie, but Grace did release a trailer for it on his new blog, Cereal Prize.

Do us all a favor, Christopher, and edit Spider-Man 3 next.

If the video doesn’t load, it’s available here.

Via /film