Total Recall Trailer Is Really Here

I couldn’t get a non-blurry screencap of Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale fist-fighting, so I hope you’ll accept this very tasteful alternative. I wonder if Kate Beckinsale’s contract called for a second lighting team specifically for up-lighting her backside. Or maybe her husband, director Les Wiseman, called for that. Well, whoever is responsible, bless their hearts.

The first full trailer for Total Recall is below (synopsis here, set photos and videos here). There’s also a motion poster below based on the poster to the right, which seems to have Big Ben in the background for some reason. Maybe the movie’s set in London since it’s definitely not set on Mars. The city in the trailer is certainly crowded and gloomy enough to be London, but I didn’t see a single guy with no front teeth and a football club scarf that’s longer than he is tall, so I can’t be sure.

Opens August 3, 2012. HD trailer available at Apple.

Here’s the motion poster as well:

So that’s . . . something.

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