Totally Random Couple Alert: Natasha Lyonne and Fred Armisen Are Now Dating

Okay, so this is happening: Us Weekly has confirmed that Natasha Lyonne, 35, and Fred Armisen, 47, are apparently dating now. So … I didn’t see that one coming? The two were spotted “acting flirty and talking closely” at a Variety event celebrating women in film last weekend and then attended the Emmys together. Congratulations, Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez — you are now no longer the weirdest (recently split) celebrity pairing.

On Monday, Aug. 25, the duo attended the Emmys together. Hitting up fetes like the Governors Ball, AMC/IFC/Sundance Channel’s afterparty and Netflix’s afterparty. Lyonne, 35, and Armisen, 47, walked around the Netflix bash “chuckling” with their “arms linked,” another observer adds.

While on the red carpet, Lyonne admitted to Ross Mathews she was texting a special someone. “This is not a G-rated text message I’m sending right now,” she told the TV host.

Man, I just don’t get it. Fred Armisen, who was previously married to Elizabeth Moss and dated 27-year-old Abby Elliot, scores so much talented, younger, hotter tail and it boggles my mind. And I understand that Natasha Lyonne isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but COME ON.