PornHub Is Attempting To Get People Into The Spirit Of The Holiday With Their Latest Ad

12.05.15 3 years ago

It seems that most companies out there are looking to make us cry with their incredibly personal and oftentimes family-oriented holiday commercials. They’re all trying to touch us in different ways, and to remind us what the holidays are actually meant to celebrate: family. That’s right – instead of getting all that cool new stuff, they think we’d be best to just spend some more time with our family. You can’t really argue against that; it’s always nice to kick back with friends and family when you go home and relive the past through old stories shared with a glass of (spiked?) eggnog in hand and the fireplace burning nearby.

In comes PornHub – here to remind you that, while family is certainly important, there are other ways and spaces in which one could spend their personal time. This hilarious ad features a family coming together, just as every other ad seems to be doing, gathering around, hugging, and exchanging gifts before a young man walks over to embrace lonely Grandpa Joe and give him what he felt he needed most. No, of course he didn’t give him a puppy… he gave him a hug along with a gift card to be used on subscription porn streaming.

(Via PornHub)

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