Tracy McGrady’s Top 10 Poster Dunks Just Because It’s Nice Outside

05.10.13 6 years ago 24 Comments

Despite being the proverbial victory cigar for the San Antonio Spurs and on-paper replacement for Stephen Jackson in 2013, things were once a lot different for Tracy McGrady. One of the preeminent faces of the league in the early-to-mid 2000s, T-Mac’s claim to resided on the offensive side of the ball. To be fair, the shortcomings of his game arose with the acknowledgement of not giving a damn on the defensive end, the rumors of his dedication or lack thereof to improve his game and the infamous playoff streak which came to an end last month.*

Yet and still, during his heyday, T-Mac was must-see TV. Capable of scoring a lot of points in a short amount of time, or dropping 50+ without exerting much effort, the game came easy Tracy. And while his cousin Vince had the leg up in the dunks department, it wasn’t as if McGrady was a slouch either. Lost in the magnificence that was Vince in Oakland in 2000 was the fact T-Mac had several “holy shit”-worthy dunks in his own right. Buddy did that throughout his prime, too. Because it’s the weekend and chances are we won’t receive many highlights from Tracy in this Spurs/Warriors series, relive the “top 10” poster slams in the career of basketball’s Jadakiss.

P.S. – NBA, don’t you ever in your life again make me go a day without basketball in May like you did last night.

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* – Be real for a moment. Tracy should’ve never said “It feels good to get to the second round” after going up 3-1 against the Pistons in 2003 in a best of seven game series. However, it wasn’t as if those Orlando squads sans Grant Hill provided much help either. There was no second option on those teams.

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