This Trash Dispute That Ended With A Klingon Sword Is Why You Should Never Piss Off A Trekkie

One man is in jail after a garbage dispute between neighbors escalated to the point of a Klingon sword being brandished. Spokane resident Joyce Cerutti says that the argument happened when she confronted her neighbor, who was in the process of being evicted, about putting his garbage in her and her husband’s trashcan. Once confronted, Cerutti says that the neighbor became irate and began throwing bags of trash at her, strewing garbage all over her yard.

At that point, Cerutti’s husband, 50-year-old Carlo Morris Cerutti, got involved — as did his Klingon “Bat ‘leth,” as the sword is called — but the two neighbors have drastically different accounts of what happened next.

The neighbor said that after the argument, Cerutti came rushing out of his house with a weapon that had multiple blades and started swinging. Court documents said the neighbor put his hands up and blocked the blade from striking him. The neighbor said he was able to pull the weapon away from Cerrutti and in the process, he fell backwards off the porch. The neighbor then called 911.

Joyce told reporters that her husband never attacked the neighbor with a sword. She said her husband did grab the Klingon sword off the wall and said he did swing it at the neighbor. She said he only did this after he barged into their home.

When police arrived, Cerrutti was arrested on assault charges and booked into the Spokane County Jail. However, Spokane’s KREM 2 News spoke with another neighbor off camera who saw the whole incident go down, but refused to speak on camera out of fear of retaliation from the garbage-throwing neighbor.

Either way, as we should have all learned thanks to a similar incident in Florida a few years back, it just goes to show that no good can come from waving around a Klingon sword. Always remember that a swift kick in the nads can save yourself a trip downtown.

(Via KREM 2)