This Damn Fool Bride Almost Drowned Attempting To ‘Trash The Dress’

For those unfamiliar, trashing the dress is a phenomenon of growing popularity in which brides — typically accompanied by a photographer — attempt to ruin their wedding dress by getting it wet or dirty or even, in some instances, destroy it as a way of getting triumphant revenge on the wedding industry that they themselves have bought into.

I guess it’s all in good fun, unless you almost kill yourself while trying to trash your dress like this bride did. Watching her getting ready to jump off of the boat into the water wearing the poofy long dress, the rational thought that comes to mind is, “Oh no, this isn’t going to end well.” And it doesn’t! Around the 23 second mark, one of the bride’s friends even says, “I hope she doesn’t sink!” Yet, it somehow doesn’t occur to anyone to stop it.