Travel Back To 1992 With This Footage Shot In A Parking Lot During A Nirvana Show

The 1990s were a good time, not only for BIG FLANNEL but also for MTV. They were cool, they were hip, they were chill, they were words that actual cool people don’t say. They were so With It that sent their camera crew to interview Nirvana fans before the band’s September 11, 1992, homecoming show at the Seattle Center Coliseum. The fashion and slacker awkwardness is hilarious, obviously, but it’s also an important time capsule of a group at the near-peak of worldwide fame: Kurt’s mom is sadly prophetic (“I’m glad he made enough of a success to make a living but some of it is too much for him, I think”), while an unnamed fan sums up everything about Nirvana, about the 1990s, about music in general. When asked about Nirvana’s burgeoning fame, he replies, “It sucks. That’s why they’re cool.”

That’s as wise as Beavis and Butthead demanding Pavement “try harder, dammit.”

Noisey via WashedUpEmo