Trickster Heroes Hilariously Tamper With Electronic Road Sign Leading To Jersey Shore

On Sunday night, on Route 49 heading towards Atlantic City, NJ, someone tampered with an electronic road sign which was intended to warn of changed traffic patterns in the area, to what I’d like to think is much more appropriate messaging — if you’ve ever been to the Jersey Shore. Residents and local authorities were somehow not quite as amused, however, according to NBC40:

“Assville Next Left” is what the sign read Sunday night when one our NBC40 viewers drove by and took a picture. “I’m speechless really. I don’t know who would want to stop and do that. Somebody who’s not all there if you know what I mean,” explained Upper Township resident, Al Lund.

The Mayor of Upper Township [Richard Palombo] told NBC40 he thinks this whole situation could’ve been a lot worse. “I think what we are more concerned about is that someone was able to access it over the weekend. They could have put more explicit information on that sign. They could have put even some kind of racial slur, which is not tolerable in this township.”

Mayor Palombo continued, I mean just think if they had put something on the sign about skullf*cking? Or bestiality? Or meat curtains? Or cornholing? Or smoking pole? Or fistf*cking? Or queefing? Or even about the Jews? I mean, I don’t want to give anyone any very specific kinds of ideas or anything, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, can you imagine?

New Jersey, ladies and gentlemen. It’s like our own little Florida, right here in the Northeast.

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