Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Poops His Way Around The Democratic Debate

Former Late Night with Conan O’Brien star Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (Robert Smigel) has been teasing his new hour-long election special with several appearances on the campaign trail. However, aside from Hulu and Funny or Die’s official joint announcement in January, viewers haven’t seen anything official. All the footage and pictures so far were posted by delegates and members of the press attending various debates and events in South Carolina and New Hampshire. At least, that was the case until Friday.

Funny or Die posted a 10-minute video of Triumph’s shenanigans at the NBC News-YouTube Democratic Debate in South Carolina last month, and it’s fantastic. Sure, the irreverent sh*t-talker (and maker) spends a lot of time skewering the press corps — especially the numerous bloggers on hand for the “free snacks” — but this video is loaded with comedy bronze. Among other things, Triumph…

  • Interrupts then-Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley’s interview with the press.
  • Makes Chuck Todd giggle like a little school girl.
  • Gets kicked off the MSNBC stage.
  • Asks DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz if she’d ever “gone down on a St. Bernard.”

Seriously, people… comedy bronze. The insult comic dog is back doing what he does best (as are Smigel’s extended riffs during the character’s interviews), and if this video is any indication, the remaining 50 minutes of Triumph’s Election Special 2016 are going to be wonderful.

Triumph’s Election Special 2016 will be available to stream Monday, Feb. 8 on Hulu.