A Big Rig Just Overturned On A Delaware Highway, Unleashing An Ungodly Amount Of Bees

Officials are still working to clean up an accident scene after a big rig overturned on a Delaware on-ramp last night, causing a public health scare. That’s because the tractor-trailer was carrying an ungodly amount of bees.

How many bees? 20 million bees.

Something tells me they will not be getting all of those bees back. From NBC Philadelphia:

The 55-year-old truck driver and two passengers in their 20s suffered minor injuries in the crash. Officials also say they were stung 50 to 100 times each by the insects. The three men were taken to the hospital in stable condition.

It’s estimated that about 90 percent of the bees, which were being transported to Maine to pollinate blueberries, were lost during the accident. Three bee handlers were called to the scene to use smoke and water to calm the insects, but according to one of the handlers, the bees were “traumatized” and “pretty well upset.” Anyone who approaches the scene without proper proper equipment is considered “in severe danger.”

On the bright side, this is a fantastic excuse to break out the bee GIFs!

NBC Philaedlphia; H/T Jalopnik

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