People Are Ridiculing Trump After He Claims Credit For Zero Commercial Aviation Fatalities In 2017

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Donald Trump kicked off 2018 on a tear, after returning to the White House from spending the holidays at his Mar-a-Lago Florida resort — or, the “Winter White House” as he likes to call it. On Tuesday morning, Trump tweeted nine separate times, about everything from “Crooked” Hillary Clinton to his border wall, his tax bill, the “failing” New York Times, and North Korea, among other things. A rundown of his greatest hits, you could say!

One of the topics Trump touched on was the news that 2017 was the safest year on record for air travel, with zero commercial aviation-related deaths. “Since taking office I have been very strict on Commercial Aviation,” the president wrote. “Good news – it was just reported that there were Zero deaths in 2017, the best and safest year on record!”

How Trump can take credit for zero commercial aviation deaths is anyone’s best guess — especially being that his plan to privatize the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was rejected by the Senate earlier this year. Not to mention the fact that there haven’t been any commercial aviation deaths in the U.S., period, since 2009. Yet, it happened on Trump’s watch, so we all must have him to thank for it.

Many were quick to pile on Trump on Twitter to point out the inaccuracy in his tweet, or just plain ridicule him in general.

It’s a bit early, but perhaps we can preemptively thank the president should there be zero aviation deaths in 2018. Credit where credit is due, and all.