Trump Interrupted ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ With Last Night’s Address, And Fans Did Not Take It Well

08.22.17 7 months ago


Bachelor in Paradise finally returned last week after sexual misconduct accusations nearly shuttered the popular dating reality show for not just the season, but possibly for good. The first week dealt with the series of events that led producers to make the decision to suspend filming, as well as the aftermath of production being shut down, while Monday night’s episode focused on the cast readjusting to their return to the beach after two weeks of downtime that had a serious effect on the relationships that had initially begun forming before the break.

So with all of that to unpack, a rose ceremony had not even taken place yet before last night, and even as it seemed like strong storms and a tsunami warning might once again force a delay — going into the commercial break before the show’s second hour it seemed as if it were finally happening. But then a different kind of tsunami rolled in to prevent the rose ceremony — a special news report from President Trump, addressing the nation about his plans for expanding the war in Afghanistan.

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