People Are Expressing Outrage Over Trump’s Boy Scouts Of America Speech

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07.25.17 15 Comments

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In case you’ve somehow been living under a rock, you may have heard that President Trump gave a politically charged speech at the Boy Scouts of America’s annual Jamboree in West Virginia before 40,000 youth on Monday evening, that is being compared by many to more of a Nazi rally. Of all of the outrageous and reprehensible things Trump has said and done over the past six months of his presidency, this seems to have really struck a raw nerve with people for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, these are impressionable minds, and the tone and language the president used was strongly considered to be of an indoctrinating nature, between encouraging chants of “U-S-A! U-S-A!” and his sinister claims of needing “some more loyalty.” And then there was encouraging the Scouts to boo former President Barack Obama, who himself was a Boy Scout (while Trump was not), when the organization is supposed to teach boys valuable lessons about respect.

For these reasons and many others, people are furious over Trump’s remarks. As Chicago Tribute columnist Rex Huppke pointed out Monday night, concerned parents (and others) had flooded the Boy Scouts of America page to admonish the organization over the nature of the speech, and its failure to immediately issue an apology or retraction in the aftermath.

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