Donald Trump And Kellyanne Conway Attended A ‘Heroes And Villains’ Ball In Perfect Costumes

On Saturday night, Donald Trump attended a (presumably) lavish costume ball in Long Island, according to the press pool that he habitually ditches but decided was okay for the evening. These reports were solidified by this Twitter photo of him posing alongside his former campaign manager and current senior advisor, Kellyanne Conway. She dressed as Supergirl, and he wore a trench coat and non-solid tie, which may have been construed as a costume. However, Trump reassured the press that he was dressed as “Me.”

As if this endeavor couldn’t grow sillier, The Hill reveals the intent behind Conway’s costume. She originally planned to attend the ball while dressed as former Breitbart ruler/newfound Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. However, Conway changed her mind and opted for a more exciting costume. Indeed, there’s (sadly) no way to hit the snooze button faster than by invoking Bannon. He’s very controversial but not exactly Saturday night material.

So, Conway wisely went with a superhero, but of course she chose DC Comics instead of going with Marvel. In that way, she favors the underdog, much like she did with Trump. Needless to say, Conway struck a nerve with a few comic book fans.

Really, an Eva Braun comparison? Not too nice.

(Via The Hill)