Trump’s First 100 Days Gets Its Own Derisive Soundtrack Thanks To #TrumpsDay100Songs

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No matter what you think about the results of President Trump’s First 100 Days, it’s becoming clear that the final results will fall quite short of his initial promises before the campaign. Not that it matters to Trump at this point. He’s moved the goal posts within his own administration and even if his opening salvo of executive orders and tough talk failed, he’s the only judge that matters.

Despite that, people are still being critical in various ways and sharing their frustrations online. Tuesday saw many take to Twitter and use the hashtag #TrumpDay100Songs to give his opening stint in The White House its own soundtrack:

No, it’s not just the screams of the damned placed on repeat. Instead, folks decided to take well-known songs and tweak them a bit to describe Trump’s time in office up to this point. Sometimes no changes are needed, other times it’s slipping entirely too far into “Weird Al” territory, and once or twice someone is quoting Slayer. Despite their alleged stance as Trump supporters, it’s still nice to know that their music can accompany a potential hellscape.

A possible government shutdown is just the icing on top of this chocolate cake of a presidency, so it’s only fitting voters give it a soundtrack that matters to them. Even if some of them are true groaners:

Two complaints you could make about all of this involve the lack of “golden showers” references and there’s not enough Foghat. There’s never enough Foghat and Jim Carrey knew it back in 1999.