Trump’s Rumored Nickname For CNN’s Don Lemon Is Predictably Juvenile

CNN’s Don Lemon sat down with Seth Meyers on Thursday night to chat about the surreal absurdity of covering the Trump administration, which the Late Night host illustrated with a reel of Lemon being unable to contain his laughter. Lemon admitted one of the more unusual challenges has been trying to have an honest conversation with surrogates, who — until Trump clinched the nomination and then won the election — were vehemently outspoken critics.

Another oddity, Lemon went onto explain, is that despite his best protests, he knows that Trump is watching his show. “Every time someone comes on, if they happen to work in Washington or at the White House or near the White House, they tell me, ‘The president watches you every night,'” he told Meyers. “If they’re a surrogate and they go to the White House for some sort of meeting they’ll come back and say, ‘You know, the president watches you every night.'”

“I don’t know if you saw my Twitter today,” he continued. “But Anthony Scaramucci wished me a happy birthday, and he says, ‘Someone calls you Sour Lemon, guess who came up with that nickname?'” Laughing, Meyers admitted, “Yeah, well it’s a really, really good nickname, so…”

“He’s not a ‘second thought’ nickname guy,” Meyers quipped. Well, they can’t all be “Sloppy Steve” Bannon, that’s for sure.

And sure enough: