The Trump ‘Emergency Test’ Text Made Everyone Jump Out Of Their Skin

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Unless you were one of the few lucky folks to miss out on FEMA’s unleashing of Wednesday’s forecast “Presidential Alert,” you might be recovering from the event as we speak. That is to say, rooms full of people collectively jumped when the telltale sound went off, and unfortunately, there was no escape, given that the usual opt-out option was disabled for wireless phone users. While there’s no way of telling exactly how Donald Trump will use this system in the future, today dealt us a taste of the bleak future to come. Not even libraries are safe.

Who knows whether we’ll hear Trump announce World War III in the tone of his Twitter account through these alerts. He may simply complain about the quality of his nightly Burger King run, but one thing is certain … people did not enjoy the initial experience, even though it was only a test.

Some people were blessed enough to miss out, despite the odds.

Yet this is what most of us saw after removing ourselves from the ceiling after hearing the not-so-ducile tone emerge from our mobile devices.

From there, a plethora of GIFs and jokes emerged as people expressed frustration at the technological intrusion.

And this is the point where people start turning off their phones, forever, like this wise lady did earlier today.

Welcome to the future, everyone!

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