Surreal Footage Exists Of Donald Trump ‘Endorsing’ Eminem For President In A 2004 MTV Special

Eminem has people talking once again thanks to his fire freestyle for the BET Hip-Hop Awards, in which the rapper slammed “orange-skinned” Donald Trump. Drawing a line in the sand to his fans who support the president, in no uncertain terms he versed: “If you can’t decide who you like more and you’re split on who you should stand beside, I’ll do it for you with this: f*ck you.”

But because this is the bizarre world we live in now, footage from a 2004 MTV special is starting to make the rounds on the internet called The Shady National Convention; a satellite concert with some pre-recorded sketches and guest appearances which was intended to coincide with that year’s presidential election. In a Twilight Zone-eque reversal of roles that only the year 2017 could predict however, Trump actually introduced Eminem in the special, by basically endorsing him as a presidential candidate.

Here’s the full transcript of the introduction, by the so-called “Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Cash”:

Nice group, nice group. Okay, listen, listen, listen. When the Shady Party called me and told me there’s going to be a convention, I said it’s gotta be a really big one, and it’s gotta be right here in New York. Because this is the best city anywhere in the world, am I right? Of course I’m right! I’m always right! I’m Donald Trump, I’m always right! I know a winner when I see one. And Donald Trump is telling you right now, Slim Shady is a winner. He’s got brains, he’s got guts, and he’s got Donald Trump’s vote. Ladies and gentlemen, our great candidate, Slim Shady!

In hindsight, the whole thing is a terrifying look into the future, and I guess we can partially blame Eminem for Trump’s political aspirations because clearly he was enjoying himself. He uses the same mannerisms and everything! In light of recent events though, you’d have to think Trump would likely revoke his endorsement now.

You can watch the full special below:

(H/T @thiscoolmom)