People Are Mocking Trump’s Excessive ‘Executive Time’ After His Schedules Leak

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It’s more or less become common knowledge that Donald Trump spends a great deal of his day watching television and tweeting, what has since been come to be known as the president’s “Executive Time.” But what most people didn’t know (but could probably have assumed) was just how much of Trump’s day is spent unstructured. Newly-leaked private White House schedules published by Axios, however, put that time to around 60 percent.

Starting on Wednesday, November 7, the day immediately after the midterm elections, Trump has spent around 297 hours of the past three months in Executive Time, according to 51 private schedules Axios has obtained. During these hours, particularly in the morning, Trump spends his time not in the Oval Office but his private residence quarters, watching TV, reading newspapers, and reacting to the things he sees and reads on the phone with various friends and advisors, and of course, on Twitter.

The concept of Executive Time was apparently introduced by former chief of staff John Kelly, to deal with the fact that Trump disliked being locked into a formal schedule.

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