Donald Trump’s Surprise Announcement Of Reince Priebus’ Replacement Prompted So Many Jokes

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This week’s Friday afternoon news dump was more extraordinary than some. President Trump tweeted an announcement that General John Kelly was taking over as White House chief of staff, which came as a surprise to almost everyone because — as far as everyone knew — Reince Priebus still occupied the position. This, apparently, was not the case according to a Priebus source who told CNN that he resigned yesterday. Yet that timeline might not be accurate since Preibus was on Air Force One today, and Axios says he and Steve Bannon were “scheming until the last moment.”

Still, let’s get real — entering Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci plastered the “leaker” label onto Priebus less than a week ago, and he was as good as gone. In fact, CNN reports that Priebus was forced to leave in an Uber today without going back to his office because of fears that he’d leak (when, in fact, the financial disclosure form that Scaramucci was so upset about was a matter of public record) whatever he had on file.

Altogether, this was effectively a brutal ousting, and the Internet may not have felt terrible for Priebus, but there’s empathy out there for a guy who was treated like such a scapegoat (after he dropped his RNC chair job). Well, the Internet got together and told some jokes as well. Behold this mix.

And finally, here’s a tweet that won’t stop being evergreen … until the end of the Trump administration.