Trump’s New Executive Time Toy Is A Giant $50,000 Golf Simulator That’s Been Installed In The White House

02.13.19 6 months ago 3 Comments

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In the wake of Donald Trump’s leaked private White House schedules that put about 60 percent of the president’s days spent in vague “Executive Time,” officials are reportedly scrambling to find the leaker. Trump, on the other hand, doth protest too much and has been incessantly tweeting that he’s the hardest working president in American history — a claim that is quite clearly not true.

“No president ever worked harder than me (cleaning up the mess I inherited)!” Trump tweeted on Sunday, and then followed up with a tweet storm expressing a similar sentiment the following day.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports that the president has had a $50,000 “room-sized” golf simulator installed into his personal quarters over the past few weeks, according to two anonymous White House officials, which — if the timelines match up — would have been about the time the government shutdown was still ongoing.

The giant toy allows Trump to “play virtual rounds at courses all over the world by hitting a ball into a large video screen.”

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