Trump’s Impeachment Inspired A Lot Of Reactions On Twitter

On Wednesday night, after about three months of deliberation, the House voted to impeach President Donald J. Trump. He was found guilty on two counts: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. He’s the third president to ever be successfully impeached, after Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, neither of whom was removed from power. Trump may not be removed from power either; the Senate, who will now have to hold their own trial, is dominated by Republicans, most of whom march in lockstep with the president.

But forget that for now: Donald Trump, the most controversial U.S. president since at least Richard Nixon, has been impeached. And while some of social media mourned the news, others drank it in.

Some, including Bette Midler, kept it simple.

Some cheered offline.

Some compared him unfavorably to previous impeached presidents.

Some congratulated him, in a sense.

Others summoned Obama.

Oh, and finally Megan Amran’s committed, long con joke really paid off.

Some dedicated the news to the many whose lives he’s harmed.

Others found the moment sad, if only because of all the damage Trump has caused since first entering the presidential election.

As the impeachment vote was underway, the president was doing what he does the most after golfing: going to rallies filled with his dedicated supporters. Perhaps you were wondering what he was telling them as Nancy Pelosi announced the big news?

But Trump was doing fine, doing what he does best: Rapping to his followers, making jokes about how the late Rep. John Dingell — whose widow, also a representative, voted to impeach him — may be in hell.

But perhaps the best words about what happened the night of December 18, 2019 were made over three years ago.