Trump Complained About Losing Followers To Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Because Of Course He Did

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Complaining about Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough in a weird Twitter rant wasn’t the only viral (or Twitter adjacent) thing that Donald Trump did today. The President of the United States and his staff also hosted none other than Twitter’s co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey, whose comments (or lack thereof) regarding his platform’s efforts to curb various forms of extremism — especially during election season. Yes, that’s right… Trump met with Jack in the Oval Office today. So how’d it go?

Depends on who you ask. According to Trump, who tweeted an image from the meeting this evening, it was a “great meeting… regarding [Twitter’s] platform, and the world of social media in general.”

In a tweeted statement responding to Trump, Dorsey thanked the president for his time. “Twitter is here to serve the entire public conversation, and we intend to make it healthier and more civil. Thanks for the discussion about that,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reported that Trump and Dorsey’s meeting wasn’t quite as cordial as their public exchange suggests. Apparently, and unsurprisingly, a “significant portion of the meeting focused on Trump’s concerns that Twitter quietly, and deliberately, has limited or removed some of his followers.” The Post‘s anonymous source also revealed that Trump “said he had heard from fellow conservatives who had lost followers for unclear reasons as well.”

Twitter and other social media platforms have long maintained that these practices do not exist, instead arguing that fluctuating follower counts have more to do with ever-changing measures to reduce spam accounts. Even so, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Trump complained about this directly to Jack — after all, it’s something that prominent conservative or extremist figures have done before.

And just as predictable as Trump’s complaints were, so too was Twitter’s reaction to his meeting with Jack.

(Via Washington Post)