Donald Trump Unloads On John Kasich’s ‘Disgusting’ Manner Of Eating

Getty Image

Last week, Donald Trump started to get soft after winning the New York primary. He adopted an almost presidential air during his victory speech, but the man has found his vigor once more. Trump appears to have been inspired by the newly founded alliance of his rivals, Ted Cruz and John Kasich. When Trump first reacted to their joint statements, he brought back the “Lyin’ Ted” nickname, but didn’t have one ready for Kasich. A few hours later, the real estate mogul came up with a moniker — “1 in 38 Kasich” — which references Kasich’s only win, Ohio.

Trump must feel threatened by the Ohio governor to bestow a nickname (which will have to change after Tuesday’s primaries). And because Trump is loathe to debate policy, he’s now hammering on Kasich’s table manners, which have been controversial since he dared to eat pizza with a fork. Soon after, the governor’s appetite became his calling card. He visited an NYC deli and gobbled a few plates of spaghetti bolognese and half a sandwich while chugging some wine. This photo will live on for infamy.

Trump may be the King of Excess, but he does not approve of this gluttonous display. During a Monday Rhode Island rally, the reality star revisited his favorite word, “disgusting” while considering Kasich’s cravings:

“Did you see him? He has a news conference, all the time when he’s eating. I have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion. I’m always telling my young son Baron, always with my kids, all of them, I say, ‘Children, small, little bites. This guy takes a pancake and he’s shoving it in his mouth. It’s disgusting.”

Trump doesn’t find Kasich’s public appreciation of food very presidential, but his printed words don’t go all the way. One must watch this rally segment to feel the full weight of Trump scorn.