A New Ad Featuring The Trump Kids Appealing To Millennials Has People Talking Online

There have been many missteps during Election 2016, especially when it comes to appealing to the youth vote. The Clinton campaign has tried several times to grab at younger voters, most notably when Pokemon Go collided with each campaign. Nothing has been on the level of Michael Dukakis in the tank to this point, but we might have a contender for the creepiest bit of campaign pandering to this point in the election:

Donald Trump Jr. posted the ad you see above and it features a photo that almost instantly became fodder for people on the internet. Most seem confused where this is meant to reach out to millennials and students, given the photograph only shows the Trump children — minus Tiffany, of course — standing around like Autobahn from The Big Lebowski:

Other reactions seemed to agree to varying degrees, with a few glaring tosses back to some other photographs in the Trump toolbox:

Gawker writer Ashley Feinberg found a suitable replacement photo if the Trumps want to give this ad another attempt. What’s interesting is how little Ivanka Trump has changed while Donald Jr. and Eric look like they were picked up from a horrible prom photo.

And some of UPROXX’s own got into the fun, complete with a Harambe reference that needs no real comment.

Just another in a long line of somewhat embarassing decisions in this campaign, but far from the worst. And not even the oddest from this week.