Trump Seems To Think That A ‘Majority’ Of College Students Are MAGA Conservatives

If the truth gets in Donald Trump’s way, he just makes stuff up. He lost re-election in 2020 yet he’s still claiming he won. (Except when he lets slip he didn’t.) He was found guilty of defamation and sexual abuse yet his response was to do some more defamation. Now he’s claiming that his base isn’t largely comprised of older people who’ve bought his BS.

As per Mediaite, the former president did another town hall, this time on Fox News — a network he might now hate more than CNN. It wasn’t a ratings bonanza, falling short of his CNN one, which wasn’t a big hit either. It was typical Trump nonsense, but arguably the biggest whopper was when he fielded a question about protecting free speech on college campuses.

“First of all, many more conservatives on those college campuses than people understand. Many more. I would even say a majority,” Trump replied.

“People say, ‘Oh how can you say…’ We have a lot of support on college campuses,” Trump added. “You look at the work Charlie Kirk has done and others have done, such an incredible job, but we have tremendous, tremendous support.”

Trump reflected on a bill he signed in 2019 protecting free speech on college campuses, which was largely about what he claimed was suppression of conservative views. The bill was removed soon after he left office. But because it sought to punish colleges that suppress those views, he thought it was a success.

“I mean you’d go to USC, which is, you know, a hotbed, and other places like that, and they were taking people and they were taking them gladly because they didn’t want to lose the subsidy,” Trump said. “We give them tremendous amounts of money. I said no more government money to any school, any university or college that discriminates against anybody, not only conservatives, and it really solved a big problem.”

Anyway, if Trump wants to think that most educated young people are MAGA hotheads and not the exact opposite, it’s his prerogative.

(Via Mediaite)