Trump Kicked Off His First Campaign Stop By Saying He’s ‘More Angry’ Now, Which Is A Great Sign

Remember how Donald Trump is running for president again? The big guy announced his third campaign in November and it’s somehow taken him two-and-a-half months to make his first stop. On Saturday, he made up for lost time by scheduling not one but two appearances. The first stop wasn’t some arena. It was a high school auditorium. But if you thought that was small for such a once-powerful guy, then know that at least he’s still furious.

As per AP News, Trump’s soft-launched his campaign in New Hampshire, where he lost in both 2016 and 2020. The occasion was an annual meeting for the state’s GOP, and while formally announcing he was starting his latest campaign he allayed fears that he’d lost his mojo, telling the crowd, “I’m more angry now and I’m more committed now than I ever was.”

Great! If it’s one thing moderates love is the former president’s famously volatile and unpredictable temper. He’ll have to keep that ire going, as he had scheduled a rally in South Carolina — not a huge one, like the ones he was used to in the good old days, but a smaller one, without much in the way of GOP stars. Indeed, his team were stunned to find how difficult it was to get some of the party’s big wigs to care. Surely few are stoked to hear him rant about the many, many problems he’s faced since announcing he wanted to be back in the White House. But at least he can brag about winning a golf championship last weekend, sort of.

(Via AP News)