Trump Eclipsed His Own Petty Heights With A Deranged Photoshop Of George W. Bush And Liz Cheney, And People Are Making The Same Remark

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WI), the daughter of former VP Dick Cheney and Lynne Cheney, reacted to the MAGA insurrection by showing that she was not willing to march to the same lemming beat as die-hard Trumpers. She urged her fellow party members to distance themselves from Trump’s ego and his refusal to heed the constitution, and that led the House GOP to voice-boot her from leadership. She’s continued to decline to bend the knee to Trump, and her efforts have earned the respect of former president George W. Bush, who has apparently peeved the heck out of Trump in the process.

What was Dubya’s grave offense? He will help Cheney fundraise during a Dallas event in mid October. He’s decided to do so (according to Bush spokesman Freddy Ford via CNBC) because he “is impressed by Liz Cheney’s strength and vision, and he’s proud to support her.” Ford also added that GWB “has historically helped a few key candidates and friends each cycle,” yet his support of Cheney appears to be a huge statement, given how the GOP has largely pounced upon her due to her Trump resistance.

And yeah, Trump is pretty upset. That’s no real surprise here, but the results are, well, bizarre. Mediaite first reported that a Thursday night Trump email to his subscriber list contained a heck of a petty move. The subject line of the email: “ICYMI: Must-See Photo.” The image itself is a spliced up photo of GWB with Cheney’s hair, glasses, and so on. This, obviously, caused some shock, as relayed by The Independent reporter Andrew Feinberg.

In case you were wondering whether this is real, yes, it is. Here’s a screencap of Trump’s website, where it’s been proudly posted.


So, “deranged” is one way this photoshop is being described. As for several others, they’re noting that this guy once held the nuclear codes.

Yet is it this move going over well with Trump’s audience? I was able to find one very excited tweeter out there.

(Via Mediaite & CNBC)