People Are Freaking Out About Trump’s Appearance In A Playboy Softcore Porn Video

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Oh, how swiftly the tides turned. After Donald Trump spent the early morning hours of Friday morning dragging former Miss Universe Alicia Machado for having a sex tape — which turned out to be a completely false claim — Buzzfeed decided that this was the best possible time to remind the world that the Republican nominee appeared in a soft-core porno for Playboy back in 2000. While Trump did not participate in the naked activities in the video (you can put that eyeball bleach away and reschedule your Silkwood shower), he is seen at the beginning of the video smashing a bottle of champagne on a limo emblazoned with the Playboy Bunny.

This is hardly Trump’s first connection with Hugh Hefner’s empire, but it will be interesting to see how the GOP, whose official platform literally labels pornography as a ‘public health crisis,’ will respond to their candidate’s tacit endorsement of it by appearing in the video.

While a Trump scandal is a dime a dozen, Twitter users had plenty to say about this resurfaced information. Glee at the irony and disappointment that this is where our election has ended up seemed to be the most common refrains.

Welcome to politics in 2016, y’all. Is this election cycle over yet?

(Via Buzzfeed)