Trump, Melania And Ivanka Posed For Pictures With Pope Francis In The Vatican, And No One Can Deal

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On Wednesday, Donald Trump‘s first foreign trip as president graced him with the presence of his holiness, Pope Francis. According to CNN, the two men held a private meeting in the Pope’s study, but didn’t discuss the contents of their discussion with the press when they gathered for photos after. Though the Vatican did release a statement soon after, saying the pair discussed “the promotion of peace in the world through political negotiation and interreligious dialogue,” especially in the Middle East — where, at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, the American president left a “so amazing” prayer note.

As amazing (at least from one side) as their private conversation may have been, however, all anyone really cares about are the press pool photos of Trump, his supportive daughter Ivanka and adoring wife Melania posing with Pope Francis. Why? Because they’re amazing, and as the above photo indicates, the president appears to be the only person enjoying the highly bigly photographed exchange. After all, his quotes from a later meeting with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni suggest Trump couldn’t get enough of the Pope. “He is something,” he said. “We had a fantastic meeting. We’re liking Italy very, very much and it was an honor to be with the Pope.”

Needless to say, journalists, pundits and trolls at large had plenty to say about the photos.

If that weren’t enough, the pool press report recalled a brief exchange between Pope Francis and Melania about Trump’s eating habits. The Pope asked if she fed him “potizza,” a Slovenian dish, but a few reporters heard something else.

Former White House photographer Pete Souza has yet to chime in, not that it matters. The internet already beat him at his own game.

(Via CNN)