The Kentucky Derby Wouldn’t Be Complete Without #TrumpRaceHorseNames Taking Over The Twitterverse

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It seems like no event can go by without it being twisted into some sort of hashtag railing against Donald Trump. Sure, Trump’s supporters typically fire back as best they can in whatever joke-filled hashtag is trending about their dear leader (sometimes they even launch the hashtag), but normally, these Twitter jokes are just a free-for-all of Trump puns shoehorned into whatever seems to be happening at the time, and the whole world consistently gets involved. There’s something about Trump that can get everyone on the same page when it comes to themed jokes at his expense.

Since today was the muddy Kentucky Derby, we, of course, got #TrumpRaceHorseNames, and it was good. As well as tremendous and terrific.

We’ve learned that some hashtags work better for Trump than others. #TrumpTeachesHistory was a good one, while #SaferThanATrumpRally had to stretch a bit in order to make it work. Hyperbole is fine, but these mass-produced jokes work best when they’re grounded in reality. Trump racehorse names actually seem like they could be a real thing. It’s totally within the realm of possibility that Trump would own a horse, and it seems not unlike him to name it after either a great victory of his or give it a moniker that mocks his defeated enemies.

And so, we go to the tweets. The bigly amount of tweets that are the best of #TrumpRaceHorseNames.

Those names work surprisingly well, eh? Surprisingly, no one on the other side named their mare “Bernie Woulda Won.”