President Trump Woke Up On Sunday And Retweeted A GIF Showing Him Hitting Hillary With A Golf Ball

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Despite dedicated efforts by new-ish White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, the general can hook Donald Trump up to a teleprompter, but he cannot entirely tame him. This is evident through the president’s early morning retweeting storm. It was just like old times — when Trump retweeted footage that showed him “body slamming” CNN and crushing a CNN reporter with a “Trump Train.” And on Sunday morning, Trump gleefully retweeted a GIF from the @Fuctupmind (get it?) account. Here’s a screencap of the retweet (before Kelly or someone else deletes it later).

And here’s the GIF — showing Trump swinging at a golf ball, which apparently hits #CrookedHillary while she boards a plane — in action.

It goes without saying that no other POTUS would ever do such a thing, but Trump was never going to follow a conventional White House path. Stopping to wonder why he does this stuff (other than being obsessed with losing the popular vote) is a waste of energy, for it is what it is. And this was simply one of a long string of Trump retweets on Sunday morning (the others were fawning compliments or flattering cartoons), but he did take a moment to call Kim Jong-un “Rocket Man” while discussing a conversation with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

The term likely raced off Trump’s fingers without much thought, and the North Korean leader may or may not consider it an insult, while some will worry if he’s tweeting the U.S. into war with a nuke-happy regime. Sad?

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