Donald Trump Announced A New Super PAC With A Name That Somehow Isn’t A Parody

What do you do when you’ve already made America great again? You do it again. On the same day Facebook, his second favorite social media platform, went down, former president Donald J. Trump tried to upstage them with news that was the equivalent of leftovers. Remember everyone’s favorite Trump Super PAC, Make America Great Again Action? Well, it’s being replaced with something that’s basically the same, only more awkward.

Say hello to MAGA, Again! Yes, that translates as a Make America Great Again, Again. No, this is not a devastating parody. It’s real and, as per one of the Trump team’s un-copy edited press releases, it’s the “ONLY Trump approved Super Pac.” It also has new leadership. Pam Bondi, one of his lawyer’s during his first (of two) impeachment trials, will serve as Chariman, while no less than Kimberly Guilfoyle — whose bonkers RNC speech last fall surely impressed her boyfriend’s dad — will hold down the fort as National Finance Chair.

What will MAGA,A do, considering the 2024 election is quite a ways away? Mostly “support Trump endorsed candidates across the country who have proven to be fighters of the MAGA movement and President Trump’s many accomplishments.” So congrats to the big guy for once again doing something so obvious that only hack satirists could dream it up.